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Deploy Your Superhero Ai Sales Android to Get You Qualified Leads so You Can Stay Focused on Closing Sales

Find out if you can remove expensive bottlenecks and add a few extra zeros to your business account with Ai.

The High Cost of Traditional Sales Teams: Navigating the Pitfalls of Outdated Practices

Employing traditional sales teams that rely on cold calling leads to numerous inefficiencies and potential damages for companies. This outdated method not only incurs significant costs but also fails to meet modern consumer expectations, leading to a host of negative outcomes:

  • High Rate of Unanswered Calls: Pew Research Center says that about 80% of Americans do not generally answer their cellphones from unknown numbers.

  • Increased Labor Costs: High expenses from employing a sales force focused on ineffective cold calling.

  • Low Conversion Rates: Modern consumers often ignore unsolicited calls, resulting in poor sales conversions.

  • Wasted Resources: Time and money lost on strategies that do not engage today's customers.

  • Lost Opportunities: Every unanswered call is a missed chance to connect through more effective channels.

  • Brand Damage: Aggressive cold calling can harm a company's reputation, portraying it as intrusive or out of touch.

  • Lagging in Tech Adoption: Businesses not adopting AI risk lagging as AI tools enhance efficiency and conversion rates leading to missed growth opportunities.

We’ve Got You Covered

Now you can avoid these pitfalls and stay ahead in your industry and modernize your outreach approach. Our AI tools offer a straightforward way to re-engage old leads, quickly respond to new inquiries, manage after-hours contacts, and handle online reviews without extra work on your part. This approach ensures you're always quick to connect with customers, keeping your business competitive and customer-friendly.

DB Reactivation AI Bot

Pull fresh sales from leads you’ve already paid for and haven’t bought, using conversational AI

Speed to Lead AI Bot

Stop losing sales to competitors who are faster to the phone, by getting AI to work your leads 24/7.

Out of Hours AI Bot

Stop 'Out of Hours' leads going unanswered and wasting time each morning on unqualified prospects with AI.

Google Reviews AI Bot

Improve business credibility and customer opinion replying to reviews without spending man-hours using AI.

Let Us Show You How it’s Done

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a demo is worth a thousand pictures. That’s why before you do anything, I want you to see Ai in action. This demo gives a taste of how Ai engages with customers in a natural way and bears the brunt of repetitive tasks, so you and your team don’t have to. With Ai freeing up valuable man-power and doing the work you’d “never get around to doing”, you can unlock new levels of ROI while focusing on the things you enjoy.

Can Your Best Salesperson Produce $600k+ Profit in 90 Days?

In 2024, achieving high profits is possible with advanced technology. A Debt Consolidation company demonstrated this by leveraging our 'Sleeping Beauty Sales Android,' which revitalizes leads through AI and SMS.

Here’s how they achieved remarkable results:

  • Lead Management: Leads from paid ads and organic traffic are called frequently within the first 48 hours.

  • AI Intervention: On the third day, 319 leads were handed over to the 'Sleeping Beauty Sales Android.'

  • Conversion: Out of these, 47 responded, 21 booked appointments, resulting in $600k in new business over 90 days.

The owner realized the potential savings in staff costs, questioning the need for a large sales team. The AI proved effective in multiple industries, from law firms to home improvement businesses, consistently converting old leads into sales.

Use Ai to Convert Dead Leads into Fresh Sales Around the Clock—Pulling Money Out of the Ether.

Our Database Reactivation bot helps businesses treat every lead like it’s their last. The bot takes all the people in a database who haven’t bought and strikes up a conversation with them via SMS. Then next thing you know they’re booking calls and you’re up $10K-$100K+ in sales.

Ready to Get the perks of a 24/7 Sales Team WITHOUT the expense?

An Ai SMS Sales Android is a cutting-edge sales automation tool designed to simulate human-like interactions with leads via SMS.

OUR AI sales android chat bot products

Our Ai Business Solutions


Modernize Your Business Using Ai and Automation

At EQUARIS, we focus on crafting and implementing automation solutions to aid businesses in reaching their goals. Our team utilizes the following state-of-the-art Ai technologies to deliver impeccable reliability and unmatched speed.


Sleeping Beauty Database Reactivation Ai Bot

Are you losing sales to because your leads aren't picking up the phone?

Our Database Reactivation Bot employs conversational Ai via SMS to re-engage your dormant, unconverted leads, priming them for sales and seamlessly transitioning them to your team for closure. This tool enables businesses to drive extra revenue weekly without the need for new lead acquisition, optimizing your return on investment, turning your forgotten leads into Gold.


Sleeping Beauty Database Reactivation Ai Bot

The Sleeping Beauty Sales Android is designed to wake up a customer's database. We upload that database into our system and send out an SMS message. Sleeping Beauty then goes through that list and engages in natural, human-like conversations then books them all into appointments.

Business owners are sitting on a small fortune in old, unconverted leads. The problem is, they haven’t had the tools or the manpower to bring that cash to the surface.

So instead, they live and die by the new leads that arrive in their business.

For most, striking that balance between lead quality and ROI feels like a painful seesaw. At any moment, a small change on one side sends the other side rocketing into the floor.

Relying on this 'one and done' approach to sales has sent companies into financial ruin because the only way they can bring in more cash from sales is to keep spending more and more on new leads. Yet another seesaw.

Now there’s a better way. Our Database Reactivation bot grinds away in the background for businesses.

It strikes up a conversation with old leads, preps them for a sale, and hands them over to a human to close. Business owners are pulling in small fortunes in extra sales each week, from these buried assets.

The best part is there’s no costly ad spend or lead bills to pay to get any of these extra sales. The AI bot is pulling cash from leads that have already been paid for and given up on. Meaning business owners can finally get off the 'Sales Seesaw' and get the ROI they’ve longed for.


Speed to Lead AI Bot

Are you losing sales to competitors who are faster at picking up the phone?

Our Speed to Lead AI bot ensures immediate contact with your new leads around the clock, reducing the risk of losing potential sales to quicker competitors. This instant engagement boosts businesses' lead-to-sale conversion rates and enhances revenue generation. Now business owners have an easy way to INSTANTLY make contact with potential new sales 24/7, no matter how busy they are.


Speed to Lead AI Bot

Are you losing sales to competitors who are faster at picking up the phone?

Every week business owners pay for expensive leads, only to drop ‘Ready to Buy’ customers into the lap of their competition. It’s unintentional. Unavoidable even.

It’s just what happens when a customer reaches out only to hit voice mail or have their inquiry added to a pile of others. These customers won’t think twice about trying again with the business down the road.

Before now, the only way to stop the loss of good-quality prospects was to hire more expensive sales staff. But even then, if everyone is busy with other customers when a new lead comes in, they’re busy.

Now with our ‘Speed to Lead’ AI bot business owners have an easy way to INSTANTLY make contact with potential new sales 24/7, no matter how busy they are. As a result, their lead to sale conversion has gone through the roof and they put more sales on the board.


Out Of Hours AI Bot

Got leads that come in overnight that end up freezing cold by morning?

The Out of Hours AI bot addresses the issue of missed opportunities from leads arriving outside of regular business hours or during weekends. It interacts with these prospects via SMS chats and schedules appointments for qualified leads, allowing businesses to capture every potential customer without the risk of losing them to delayed responses.


Out Of Hours AI Bot

Got leads that come in overnight that end up freezing cold by morning?

When businesses "shut up shop" for the day or wind down for the weekend, that's when a bunch of new inquiries will flood in.

Most businesses can't believe their bad luck.

They've been available all day, but it's only once they switch the lights off that everyone wants to get in touch. But, it actually makes a lot of sense. Our ideal customers are unlikely to be browsing their phones, clicking on ads, or filling in web inquiry forms in the middle of their day. They are at work.

It's only once they clock off for the day/week, that they'll work through their personal To-Do list and have the time to reach out. The problem is, these new out-of-hours leads aren't dialed until the next day (longer if it's the weekend). But by then, these customers are back at work too and unable to answer. It's a vicious cycle.

Now, with the help of an "Out of Hours" AI bot, businesses can contact every new lead that comes in, regardless of the time or day.

This bot solves out-of-hours contact issues for good by having a back and forth conversation with each new lead over SMS. It warms up prospects and books qualified customers directly into the calendar as appointments, ready to be closed during normal office hours.


Google Reviews AI Bot

Business owners know they need to get customer reviews to build trust and credibility.

The Google Reviews AI bot enables businesses to effortlessly respond to customer reviews, showcasing their commitment to customer service and integrity without the need for extensive manpower. This tool not only improves first impressions by demonstrating attentiveness and responsiveness but does so with a level of efficiency and human-like interaction that manual efforts can't match.


Google Reviews AI Bot

Business owners understand they need to get customer reviews to build trust and credibility.

Yet, many don't realize they ALSO need to respond to them to show customers their integrity as a business.

First impressions count, and people look at the smallest details to get a glimpse of how they’ll be treated as a paying customer.

They want to know:

• Is this company attentive?

• Do they value customer feedback?

• How do they respond when something goes wrong?

• Do they show interest in customers, even after they've paid?

The problem is, most businesses know this, but they often don’t have the spare manpower to dedicate hours to this laborious task.

That’s why we’ve built an AI bot that will do it for them.

This bot does such a good job at responding to all types of reviews in a human-like manner that, when we tried to ‘beat it,’ we couldn’t respond as half as well, in double the amount of time.

Comprehensive Workflow Automation


Comprehensive Workflow Automation

At EQUARIS, we specialize in streamlining business operations and cutting costs through our workflow automation services. Our approach revolutionizes workflows and enhances efficiency with the latest automation technologies, such as AI, Make, Zapier, and Airtable.

Our Mission

EQUARIS's mission centers on enhancing business profitability through the strategic use of Ai automation technology.

Our commitment lies in reactivating dormant leads, amplifying sales, and elevating ROI via our avant-garde Ai solutions.

By automating the engagement with leads, refining sales processes, and enriching customer communication, we empower businesses to increase their conversion rates and revenue.

Our objective is to free our clients from the burdens of manual procedures, enabling them to focus on expansion and innovation.In handling the complexities of automation, we aim to boost productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction for our clients.

About Us

Here at EQUARIS, we solve painful sales problems by leveraging our expertise in website design, SEO, direct response marketing, and the strategic use of Ai.

Our philosophy is straight forward: we weren't put on this earth to waste precious hours on time-consuming, repetitive tasks that offer minimal profits and require little to no brainpower.

We believe you weren't either.That's why we utilize Ai to not only automate routine tasks but to also significantly enhance your sales outcomes. Our Ai-driven selling approach is designed to pull in multiple $1,000's in extra sales, boost profit margins, and save hundreds of hours of manual work.

We harness the power of Ai to accelerate lead management, engage with better-qualified leads, improve conversion rates, and lower customer acquisition costs. This ensures our clients can regain control of their time, reduce expenses, and focus on the highest-value activities in their business—all while Ai works tirelessly to increase their revenue.

However, our method is anything but robotic. We dive deep into the specifics of your business, identifying bottlenecks in your sales process to tailor our approach for optimal results.Through this personalized strategy, we aim to achieve a 10x increase in booked appointments with pre-qualified prospects, optimizing online operations and enhancing visibility.

This enables small businesses to secure a competitive edge in dynamic markets, ensuring they not only succeed but thrive with Ai as a pivotal tool in their sales strategy.


A few Frequently Asked Questions...

What is an AI SMS Sales Android?

The AI SMS Sales Android is a cutting-edge sales automation tool designed to simulate human-like interactions with leads via SMS. It uses advanced AI and natural language processing to engage, qualify, and move leads through the sales funnel 24/7, ensuring that potential customers receive immediate responses at any time of day.

FAQ image

How does the AI SMS Sales Android work?

Upon receiving an SMS inquiry, the Sales Android evaluates the message, identifies the lead's needs, and responds with personalized, relevant information. It can answer questions, provide details about products or services, and even schedule appointments, all through SMS conversations that feel natural and human-like.

FAQ image

What are the main benefits of using an AI SMS Sales Android?

1. Increased Lead Engagement: It enables businesses to instantly engage with leads, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

2. 24/7 Availability: Never misses a lead, working around the clock to ensure no opportunity is lost.

3. Efficiency and Cost Savings: Automates the lead qualification process, saving time and reducing the need for a large sales team.

4. Personalized Interactions: Offers tailored responses based on the conversation, improving the customer experience.

FAQ image

Can the AI SMS Sales Android integrate with my existing CRM?

Yes, it's designed to integrate seamlessly with most CRM systems. This allows for a smooth flow of information and keeps all customer interactions and data centralized, enhancing your sales team's effectiveness.

FAQ image

Is the AI SMS Sales Android difficult to set up?

No, the setup process is straightforward. Our team will work closely with you to customize the Sales Android according to your specific business needs and ensure it's fully integrated with your existing systems.

FAQ image

How does the AI SMS Sales Android handle complex customer queries?

The AI is programmed to recognize a wide range of questions and respond accurately. For queries that require human intervention, it can seamlessly escalate the conversation to a live sales representative, ensuring that the customer's needs are adequately met.

FAQ image

What makes the AI SMS Sales Android different from traditional chat widget on a website?

Unlike standard chat widgets, the AI SMS Sales Android is powered by advanced AI, allowing it to understand and respond to a wide variety of messages in a more human-like manner. This results in more engaging and satisfying interactions for potential customers.

FAQ image

Is Ai taking the world by storm?

AI is indeed making a significant impact across various sectors globally, transforming industries, work processes, and daily life. Here's a broad overview of how AI is "taking the world by storm":

1. Technology and Innovation: AI drives innovation in technology, leading to new products, services, and ways of interacting with digital devices. Voice assistants, smart homes, and autonomous vehicles are just a few examples of AI-driven technologies becoming more mainstream.

2. Business and Economy: Many businesses leverage AI to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and make data-driven decisions. AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics are pivotal in industries ranging from finance to healthcare, significantly impacting economic models and strategies.

3. Healthcare: AI is revolutionizing healthcare by improving diagnostic accuracy, personalizing treatment plans, and streamlining administrative processes. AI algorithms can analyze complex medical data at unprecedented speeds, assisting in early disease detection and research breakthroughs.

4. Education: In education, AI tools personalize learning experiences, adapt to students' learning speeds, and provide teachers with insights into student performance. AI also makes education more accessible through automated translation services and personalized learning platforms.

5. Social and Ethical Considerations: While AI offers immense potential for positive change, it also raises important ethical and social questions. Issues like privacy, bias in AI algorithms, and the future of employment as tasks become automated are critical areas of ongoing debate and research.

6. Environmental and Sustainability: AI contributes to environmental sustainability through smart energy management, optimizing resource use, and enhancing climate change models. It offers tools for better understanding and mitigating environmental challenges.

AI's influence is pervasive, and its potential is immense. However, the direction it takes depends on how we navigate its ethical, social, and economic implications. Balancing innovation with responsibility is key to ensuring that AI's impact on the world is overwhelmingly positive.

FAQ image

Ai is taking the world by storm!

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